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Humility and the End of the Ego

The most remarkable, effective and overlooked tool for transforming the Ego

Date: Sun, 22 Jun 2014, 17:00 EET - 19:00 EET
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Humility is the best weapon in your spiritual arsenal against your Ego. But not if your Ego gets to it first.

Humility disarms power with the opposite of forcefulness. It is the recognition of what is true and great. When you witness the greatest force in Existence, then you cannot follow any fakeness but instead fall easily into open acceptance of ‘what is’.

The constant danger on the spiritual path is taking a position about yourself, others or Existence. This happens in a space of ignorance. A spiritual seeker lacking in humility has not the courage to admit not-knowing and will endlessly claim to have arrived at some kind of understanding or realisation of this-or-that to prop up their self esteem. Arrogance is the sin that so easily slips unnoticed into a seeker’s quest, causing havoc and producing false results. The very aim, to get rid of abnormal self-identification, becomes the only thing never achieved in a lifetime of apparent spiritual progress. Each achievement ironically presents the latest identification.

What is required is to be so overwhelmed, so in awe of something so great that no device or artifice can impose itself on the present experience of existence. It cannot deny or cover up the sheer brilliance of reality.

Nothing in the material world can command our attention indefinitely. All such materially-induced highs are temporary. But there is something that can create this awe unfailingly, unremittingly and indefinitely. That something has to be higher than any mountain, deeper than any ocean and more meaningful than all the stars in the sky. That something has to be from outside of the Creation, something which is not finite or limited by space or time. That something is the Enlightenment Transmission.

This revelation has been brought home to me by the testimonies of those who stand in daily awe of the Enlightenment Transmission. I now understand so much about what their journeys, transformations and changes are and I am in awe of what I am witnessing. As awe of the Transmission is experienced from within a gathering of Enlightenment Transmission participants, I am truly humbled, and deeply enjoying.

Discover how to crack your Ego open with the softest, subtlest approach possible – humility – in this live online class. Come more fully into the heavenly realm of the Enlightenment Transmission.

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