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Enlightenment Transmission Day 2014

Enlightenment Transmission is here. Take it. Pass it on.

Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2014, 7:00 EEST – Fri, 20 Jun 2014, 7:00 EEST

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Dear Enlightenment Transmission Fans,

Today is Enlightenment Transmission Day. 14 years ago I encountered the Enlightenment Transmission and found myself inexplicably Enlightened at 5am on the 19th June 2000.

Normally I do not expect to feel anything special on any anniversary, but on Enlightenment Day I am overwhelmed. Even if I try to distract myself, on this day the Enlightenment Transmission lifts me up and takes me on a breath-taking magical carpet ride to take in sights and wonders the likes of which I have never experienced before.

Since Enlightenment Day 2000 every subsequent day has been filled with excitement and sensation so exquisite that it is barely containable. It’s not possible to imagine opening up further, but on Enlightenment Day something magical, as in unseen and unexpected happens. I know that that which is delivered is not for me but for others.

The entire year leading up to this day is a year of preparation to receive the new fruits of the Enlightenment Transmission. It’s an annual happening – as regular and as sure as the harvest season following a wonderful, lazy summer. Each participant is being stretched through the year to receive more from the upcoming bountiful harvest of Enlightenment Transmission. The first new crop is uncovered during the Summer Enlightenment Transmission Island Retreat - every July. Even 7 days and nights are not enough to receive the bountiful crop. It will take at least 8 weeks to assimilate, absorb and adapt to the influx of new energy and wisdom. This process of receiving the new fruits of the Enlightenment Transmission, carefully adjusted and calibrated to you and this era, will continue over 12 months until the next Enlightenment Day, 2015.

We are on a wave which takes one year to complete.  The mid-point of this wave will be the new season of Live Online Classes and Enlightenment Transmission Teaching in January. The Winter Enlightenment Transmission Island Retreat gives a nudge to this process as it completes its up-wave phase, to the headiest highest altitude peak, before the stream accelerates towards Enlightenment Day 2015.

Today, we are at the beginning of the water cycle, which is supported by a burgeoning ocean, billions of droplets precipitating in the sky and millions of freshwater streams as they trickle down mountain slopes towards the ocean. You are part of this process. Our collective H20 molecules collect together in a divinely planned dance which has to be lived to be known.

Join me in the mystery as we move, as we flow, making history within the next 12 months between Enlightenment Day 2014 and Enlightenment Day 2015.

Dave Oshana

P.S. A striking coincidence happened today, the Universe making a significant connection: the Enlightenment Transmission Day 2014 webpage was saved at 12:21pm today- exactly the same time that the Enlightenment Transmission Day 2009 webpage was first saved on DaveOshana.com several years ago.

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