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Psychosomatic Developments: What to do when your body does not do what you want it to do?

Navigating the ups and downs of the fall of the Ego

Date: Sun, 24 Aug 2014, 17:00 EEST - 19:00 EEST
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 Enlightenment Transmission removes blindfold of the Ego

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Psychosomatic Developments: What to do when your body does not do what you want it to do

The body speaks its mind. In fact, it says embarrassing things that your mind does not want to express. Examples include blushing and erectile dysfunction. But we are not here to focus on the small details. We’re interested in the much larger problem, namely, that your body doesn’t do what you want it to do. Or another way of looking at it is that your mind suppresses your body’s honesty.

Why would such a horrible state of war exist between your body and your mind? The agent provocateur in the middle is what is commonly called the Ego but which I prefer to call ‘the false identity’. The false identity is the evil twin you never wanted to have, who is living inside your life and not leaving.

It’s like having two heads. One is larger than the other and always overrules whatever you want to say. Worse, it maxes out your credit card, eats junk food and goes to bed with unsuitable partners, which leaves you feeling slightly dirty and ashamed for the rest of the week, until you find yourself inexplicably doing it again. I am sure though, dear reader, that you do not suffer from such gross acts of Ego indecency but rather more subtle ones.

The evidence for this sorry state of affairs, which must be resolved by the spiritual seeker on the way to Enlightenment, is summed up in this lament ‘Wretched man that I am. The good I want to do, I cannot. The evil which I do not want to do I find myself doing.’ Most of us don’t consider ourselves evil even though we do terrible things to vegetables, like over-boil them, though some people wrongly consider themselves evil even though they are incapable of doing a real dirty deed.

Through my work with the Enlightenment Transmission as what might be considered some sort of spiritual counsellor, I get to see the unfortunate psychosomatic grip of the Ego upon an individual’s mind and body. Fortunately, I get the satisfaction of helping to loosen that grip in order to let the little birds free from their cages. But this job must be done responsibly because birds that have never flown sometimes plummet out of the nest on training day while some others become scary dragons. What we are talking about here is the release of massive amounts of previously trapped psyche energy. This manifests in a variety of ways from cathartic explosions to jerks and twists or pleasant vibrations. And while these fireworks can be spectacular, the show must end if the real life is to begin.

If this description has teased, tantalised or intrigued you then I recommend that you join me in this live class to discover how this can be a beneficial journey of self-discovery and liberation. You have nothing to lose but yesterday’s socks.

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