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An Impossible Place for the Ego

Real spirituality does not cost money but the Ego.

Date: Sun, 31 Aug 2014, 17:00 EEST - 19:00 EEST
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 Enlightenment Transmission removes blindfold of the Ego

Listen in comfort

The Ego is bad news. The kind of guest who should never be invited.

The Ego's main role is to distract you from the truth about yourself and life. It stops you knowing yourself, feeling your heart and making good connections.

Crap spiritual teaching is like being given wax fruit to quench your thirst. No spiritual approach is viable until you meet the Enlightenment Transmission

Fake spiritual teachings are like the hotel industry. The Ego gets pampered. There is no personal responsibility only monetary exchange.

Real spirituality does not cost money but the Ego.

There's no point claiming that you want to be free of the Ego when you are hanging on to it when it is being taken away.

The solution for anyone who sincerely wants it is to put the Ego in a hard place, one where it will not want to be, in fact it will leave because it cannot survive. That place is called unselfishness.

Unselfishness and selfishness are not very well understood.

Enlightenment is not a life of being served but a life of service.

Curious? Then read the full article 'Unselfishness - An Impossible Place for the Ego' and listen to 'An Impossible Place for the Ego'.

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