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Seeking Enlightenment Transmission

We have been designed to seek and find not Enlightenment but the Enlightenment Transmission.

Date: Sun, 28 Sep 2014, 17:00 EEST - 19:00 EEST
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This class will present Enlightenment seekers with a radical, revolutionary and crucial discovery which is missing from popular views about Enlightenment and how to get Enlightened. The fact is that Enlightenment seekers have not been seeking Enlightenment but rather the Enlightenment Transmission. Hence it follows that the aim of any Enlightenment Teaching should not be about getting Enlightened but rather to strengthen a connection with the Enlightenment Transmission. It has long been noted that Enlightenment is abstract and typically exists only as a concept. The Enlightenment Transmission however is so palpable that it is possible to have a real relationship with it right now.

The discovery that the 'Enlightenment Transmission is what spiritual seekers actually seek', opens up a whole new world of deep understandings and realisations. It follows that spiritual seekers have been designed to have a relationship with the Enlightenment Transmission before incarnating on Earth. Furthermore, many seekers who are seeking the Enlightenment Transmission (and possibly other Enlightenment Transmission Seekers) currently exist in the world without it being known to them.

Upon first-time contact with the Enlightenment Transmission, the Enlightenment Transmission seeker becomes literally enlivened and experiences a deep satisfaction, knowingness and sense of homecoming. The experience is visceral, cellular, energetic and wholly independent of intellectual, social, artistic and chemical interactions. The euphoria could be likened to the ecstasy, security and fulfilment felt by a baby when it suckles milk from its mother's comforting breast. However since the Enlightenment Transmission has no location, the relationship is continuously accessible and wholly uninterruptable.

'Seeking Enlightenment Transmission' has two messages. The first message is that there are many other Enlightenment Transmission seekers like you, so it follows that you could reach them. The second message is that even though you have had some contact with the Enlightenment Transmission, you are still seeking an ever-deeper relationship with It.

In this class we will explore how to make the most of this unique and unsurpassed opportunity that currently exists in relating more and more deeply to the Enlightenment Transmission. Total life satisfaction will then be assured.

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