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Dislodge the Ego, Bring Enlightenment - The Intensity of the Enlightenment Transmission Crucible

How to win the campaign for spiritual freedom by working effectively with the Enlightenment Transmission to dislodge the Ego.

Date: Sun, 12 Oct 2014, 17:00 EET - 19:00 EET
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The Enlightenment Transmission is the essential ingredient that makes the Oshana Enlightenment Transmission Teaching (OETT) uniquely effective in restoring a spiritual seeker's conscious awareness, life-force energy and sense of life-purpose to their original natural state.

But what is the Enlightenment Transmission, how does It work and how can I get the most from It for myself and others?

The Enlightenment Transmission behaves similarly to an intelligent sentient force. It identifies, locates, targets and transforms problems areas within a person's life into solutions. Desolate and barren lives become oases of joy and meaning. This all happens seemingly in spite of the skill of the Enlightenment Teacher, Dave Oshana, and the pleasant natural surroundings in which Enlightenment Transmission Retreats and classes happen.

The Enlightenment Transmission can be effective in every situation because it is insubstantial – neither energy nor matter. The Enlightenment Transmission can enter any space, either physical and psychic, because it is not a thing and so is not constrained by the laws of space and time. The Enlightenment Transmission can guide subconscious, conditioned cognitive and behavioural processes to bring the receiver to a condition of elevated awareness and freedom.

Since the Ego, commonly termed the 'false identity' in the OETT, tenaciously stands in opposition to a person's soul intentions, what kind of action is required to dislodge it from its central command position? Regular, unremitting blasts of Enlightenment Transmission are required. The nature of this campaign against the Ego's stronghold has to be intense and sustained, by necessity.

Understanding this necessity as well as how to best facilitate it is the subject of this class, 'Dislodge the Ego, Bring Enlightenment - The Intensity of the Enlightenment Transmission Crucible'.

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