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Signs, Symptoms and Wonders of an Ego on Its Way Out

Petite Mort or Grand Mal? Recognising the symptoms of a challenged Ego.

Date: Sun, 19 Oct 2014, 17:00 EEST - 19:00 EEST
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One of the more interesting phenomena of spiritual seeking is the many cunning ruses, games and tricks played by the Ego. This activity dramatically increases when the Ego is on the brink of being cast down from the heavenly throne that it originally usurped. A dramatic aerial battle between the forces of the Soul and the Ego is played out on the open skies. And these fireworks, sometimes entertaining and sometimes scary, are palpably, visibly and tangibly visceral.

These visible outer manifestations of change and conflict foreshadow the eventual transformation that comes from deep spiritual cleansing. The term ‘spiritual growth’ is a misnomer, for the spirit does not grow, it can only be recovered like a dusty work of art that is restored by uncovering its naked beauty. The Ego is a blight on the otherwise pure lens of the Soul; a myopic dark spot which denies the world the wondrous workings of the Soul and prevents the Soul’s incarnational body from receiving the wholesome goodness of a benevolent Creation. And whilst the outer manifestation of spiritual transformation varies, the essential inner mechanism that brings change is the same – it is always the Enlightenment Transmission. As tongue-tingling, mouth-watering sensational Sichuan prickly ash peppers are to the Mapo Tofu dish, so is the Enlightenment Transmission to Enlightenment.

The awesome power of Enlightenment and the Enlightenment Transmission cannot be faked. The remains of Enlightenment’s history are the faded, fragrant tea-leaves of watered down teachings, packaged in such a way that their origin is fatally obscured. The Oshana Enlightenment Transmission Teaching makes clear that no amount of blind faith, belief or attitudinal practices can ever bring about Enlightenment because these are the very tools of the Ego, which needs to be toppled from its usurped throne.

Direct contact with the Enlightenment Transmission is something precious, which will give access to Enlightenment in this life and the next. Join this class to find out not only about the ‘Signs, Symptoms and Wonders of an Ego on Its Way Out’ but the wonderful existence that comes after the Ego’s final demise and Enlightenment’s arrival.

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