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Establishing A Home for the Enlightenment Transmission

Manifesting Heaven on Earth through the Enlightenment Transmission is essential because you are coming back again after this life.

Date: Sun, 26 Oct 2014, 17:00 EEST - 19:00 EEST
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Every Enlightenment seeker wants to come Home. But have you considered that the converse is also true? The metaphysical saying ‘as above, so below’ also implies ‘as below, so above’. As much as the spiritual seeker is looking for a spiritual home, the Enlightenment Transmission is looking for an earthly home. God extends his finger to touch Mother Earth by giving life and Mother Earth offers her natural beauty in return.

The whole of Creation exists within your Consciousness. This Creation has to be infused with the Enlightenment Transmission. When you fully receive the Enlightenment Transmission, then the Creation within your Consciousness becomes Enlightenment Transmission-filled. The next step is to make the substantial (physical) Creation Enlightenment Transmission-filled.

After getting Enlightened and leaving the physical world, you return to Enlightenment without Form. But eventually you return to the UnEnlightened World (Earth). When you return to Earth, you will want to experience Enlightenment Transmission everywhere. Earth is your home in the physical Creation. You will return to it until the Enlightenment Transmission is fully established on Earth.

The physical world is like a dream to which you keep returning. You return because something is not quite finished. Becoming Enlightened is the beginning of your Life Mission to make a home for the Enlightenment Transmission on Earth. When you are successful then you can retire from your eternal labours and constant back and forth. So get Enlightened, find your Home and rest from your labours – that’s the invitation in this class.

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