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After Enlightenment, what next?

Enlightenment does not change but what does change is your trajectory through this 'thing' called Life.

Date: Sun, 2 Nov 2014, 17:00 EEST - 19:00 EEST
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When I was a spiritual seeker, I was so doubtful that the material world could give me a long-lasting, deeply satisfying experience that I always asked the same question in advance, no matter what the offer was.

“If you eat your dinner then you can have ice-cream”.
“But what comes after ice-cream?”

“If you train everyday then you can represent your county in athletics.”
“But then what?”

“Train for 5 years to become good at Gung Fu. Or train for 25 years to become a Master.”
“And then what?”

“Give your life to Jesus and go to Heaven.”
“And then what?”

“Pray 5 times per day, don’t eat pork or drink alcohol and get 72 virginal wives for eternity.”
“And then what?”

“Have tantric sex with 10 partners a day, don’t shoot your load and maintain an eternal boner.”
“And then what?”

“Chant this mantra, go to this deity’s realm and enjoy an eternal relationship with the Supreme Lord as a stone or leaf.”
“And then what? What comes next?”

“Get Enlightened and never have to reincarnate into physical form again.”
“And then what? What comes next?”

Back then, it was hard to imagine that anything could satisfy me. I had an itch that couldn’t be scratched in a place that I couldn’t even find.
Something was wrong or missing but I couldn’t tell what it was. Even Enlightenment didn’t seem enough. I really didn’t want to hang out with Brahma, Vishnu, Krishna or Shiva. They seemed like amusing characters but I didn’t want to repeatedly experience their eternal pastimes, which seemed boring. And I didn’t want to go to the Christian Heaven because Christians also seemed sexless and boring. And then Buddhist Enlightenment offered absolute Nothingness, which I assumed was just the same as death. In short, religion didn’t excite me but since I was a spiritual seeker, what could I do? Where could I go?

When I eventually and unexpectedly got Enlightened, I discovered that I could be satisfied. But it’s not Enlightenment that satisfies me, rather the Enlightenment Transmission. The Enlightenment Transmission is like a mother’s breast milk for a baby. It’s a complete meal and it keeps on giving. I wake up to the Enlightenment Transmission every day and still ask “What’s next?” but now, the answer is immediately ready.

When I got Enlightened I heard (from spiritual seekers for the most part) that Enlightenment is only the beginning and that it keeps unfolding. This claim has not fit my experience. Enlightenment does not change. But what does change is our trajectory through this thing we call Life. The Hindus and Buddhists got it wrong – after Enlightenment comes Life. And Life lived from within Enlightenment, with the Enlightenment Transmission is exciting. It’s a complete meal deal.

In this live online class, I am going to share what I discovered about Enlightenment. More particularly, I am going to share what I know about the Enlightenment Transmission, which (unlike Enlightenment, which I knew fully and immediately upon becoming Enlightened) is a relationship I have come to understand slowly over time.

These will be great revelations for spiritual seekers. I invite you to partake in these blessing and joys as you join me live.

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