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The Infinity Point

Where we all meet up, sooner or later.

Date: Sun, 21 Dec 2014, 17:00 EEST - 19:00 EEST
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Ignorant of their true identity, location and orientation, human souls aimlessly chase after worldly activities in the hope that they will facilitate a permanent escape from the prison of material existence. After death, any soul that is still encased in ignorance will eventually take physical birth (reincarnate) in another vain attempt to resolve its attraction to worldly activities. So even in death, the ‘ignorant’ soul does not become free from the laws, forces and obligations of material existence.

A few rare souls eventually suspect, after many lifetimes, that material activities do not lead to freedom because these actions create more actions. Yet these rare souls cannot simply cease from action because action is the nature of the body and necessary for survival.

All souls are destined to eventually meet at a place which could be called The Disappearing Point or Infinity Point – kind of like where all objects disappear into the distant perspective of a picture. It’s the Realm of Non-Existence, where cause and effect, birth and death, bodies and objects do not exist. It’s Consciousness without the fetters of matter, energy, space and time.

A soul can only reach The Disappearing Point in the afterlife if they have reached it during physical incarnation. To gain entry, they have to detach from their hypnotic attraction to the objects of the physical world, which especially includes self-referential thoughts and illusory relationships. Only a few souls ever attempt this and they often get it wrong because of bad teachings. Proper detachment is not a cold, numb, spaced-out, confused, deluded or hostile state.

Pain and suffering are often powerful motivators for detachment. But suffering should not be suppressed or merely solved but instead utilised to understand why it exists – which then leads to proper detachment.

We do not arrive at The Disappearing Point simply by being discouraged by or disillusioned with the world. We get there by grabbing hold of a ‘ski lift’ which will take us there. In simple terms, it is the Enlightenment Transmission but you need to know what that means experientially. We must not resist out true destiny because that will impede the ‘ski lift’.

The Infinity Point is a quantum leap from Existence to Non-Existence. It is the ultimate destination, the Meeting Place of All Beings. Arriving there means that you can ‘have your cake and eat it too.’

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