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Energetic Home Invasion: Entry and Leakage Points

Detect where good energy is leaking out and where bad energy is invading your life space.

Date: Sat, 7 Feb 2015, 20:00 EET - 22:30 EET

Attaining peace and harmony will seem like a never-ending uphill battle if certain necessary conditions are not satisfied. Even if a person clears their mind and body of uncomfortable thoughts and sensations, this will be like a leaky boat which always has to have the water bailed out if it is to float.

What you associate with is a primary determinant of happiness and contentment. If you associate with the Enlightenment Transmission your life will be filled with bliss and joy. However your good energy will leak away depending on the extent and degree to which you associate in an unguarded way with malicious people and bad circumstances. Your life will alternate between pleasure and pain, bliss and depressions and you will not have a stable, consistent quality of life.

Protecting your life force energy, the integrity of mind and your life mission is essential to being fulfilled. Since spiritual beings are sharing and trusting by nature they do not notice when their own energies and work is being used against them, leading to counter-productive outcomes.

In the Teacher Call, you will be encouraged to become aware of actual living space, your home, which is more than your body or house. And you will be guided to detect where good energy is leaking out and where bad energy is invading your life space. You will then have the possibility to correct non-functional aspects of your life. This Call will contain much more than can be described here.

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