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Trust & Respect for Teacher, Teaching & Transmission

Obvious spiritual essentials missed in the materialistic consumer age

Date: Sun, 29 Mar 2015, 20:00 EEST - 23:00 EEST

Unlike other spiritual teachers, I have never demanded respect and consequently, have rarely noticed its presence or absence. For me, attaining Enlightenment in June 2000 is all the reward that I could ever want, which renders respect redundant. I don’t expect any spiritual seeker to fully appreciate how rare and valuable an Enlightened Enlightenment Teacher is until they become Enlightened, at which point, the value of an Enlightened Enlightenment Teacher is redundant.

Furthermore, I have expected that a spiritual seeker’s Ego will wilfully act out, project and be disrespectful as an act of defiance or resistance to prevent Enlightenment from happening. I also know that as a seeker relives old trauma and learns to assert their independence, they might be unintentionally rude. Consequently, I have been noticeably and naturally tolerant of all kinds of shenanigans within the Oshana Enlightenment Transmission Teaching Community.

However, all that is about to end. Not because I need love, respect and honour but because they are necessary for Full Enlightenment. What is Full Enlightenment? It is to know who you are and to fully live it. And what is the way to Full Enlightenment? It is to fully immerse oneself in the OETT Process, which is like a sheep dip that expels the Ego that covers the Soul. Full immersion is only possible when there is respect and trust. Respect for the Teacher naturally creates a healthy respect for the rules that guide the Enlightenment Process and harmonious functioning of the Teaching Community.

From now on, acting out and rule-breaking will make a spiritual seeker ineligible for Group Enlightenment Teaching Processes since they require sensitivity, safety, honesty, courage and commitment.

Trust and respect are closely related. Trust is faith that comes from experience. But Enlightenment is an experience which no seeker has ever had, so how can they trust that it will happen and how can they retain trust as it comes closer? Firstly, trust is established between the Teacher and the Student by certain experiences that the Teacher delivers via the Enlightenment Transmission. Secondly, the student makes an informed choice to trust the Teacher even though their Ego creates delusion. Over time the student witnesses that the Teacher has the clearest view and the Ego is realised to be false – on that day the Ego fails and falls.

Obviously all of the above is the briefest overview of a detailed process – a process you may already have entered into and hence want to give every chance of succeeding. Participate in this Call to understand the role of respect and trust in your spiritual search for wholeness, self-realisation and self-actualisation – in a word, Enlightenment.

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