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Online Teacher Call

Love One Another - The Right Way!

There's nothing else to do - in Eternity!

Date: Sat, 11 Apr 2015, 20:00 EEST - 23:00 EEST

The title of this Teacher Call was going to be ‘Strengthen One & Other’ instead of ‘Love One Another’ because love strengthens. But the word ‘love’ conveys much more than strength. In fact, love is more associated with tenderness than strength. Love is also gentle, kind, loyal and yet truthful. And if these qualities are not present and balanced then love becomes maniacal. And who hasn’t been a love maniac or the target of one?

True love is missing from our group as a whole but we do have love in its 50 shades of messed up, 31 sickly-sweet flavours and 57 gas-inducing varieties. And we also have genuine love. But like a hot geyser making its way up from deep within the Earth’s core, the path of love does not run straight or true. A lot of dross gets in the way: inhibition, conditioning, confused ideas and unsuitable role models. We adapted and adopted – all because we yearned to give and receive love.

This Teacher Call is open to all and necessary preparation for the 11th-18th July Summer Island Enlightenment Transmission Retreat ‘Assuming the Enlightenment Transmission Position’. We will overturn the tables on all of love’s confusions, messes, wrong messages, passive aggressiveness and sickly-sweet varieties. What was hidden will be revealed. Now is the time.

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