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Rubbing Out the Ego - Safely

Rotating polymorphic egos and unwanted identities are the bane of any self-respecting spiritual seeker's existence

Date: Sat, 5 Dec 2015, 20:00 - 23:00

The primary task of an Enlightenment Teacher is to connect you to the Enlightenment Transmission because the Enlightenment Transmission is the field of your Being.

The secondary task of an Enlightenment Teacher, auxiliary to the primary task of connecting you to the Enlightenment Transmission, is to support you in removing the Ego from your mind.

Your everyday persona, your identity, is intimately tied up with your Ego. If your Ego was suddenly removed, the structure and foundations of your present lifestyle would collapse.

How to remove the Ego without destroying the life of a seeker?

If the Enlightenment Teacher is too soft, too strong or too quick with Ego removal then problems will surely ensue.

The aim of an Enlightenment Teacher is to bring an individual back to their senses and reality whilst allowing them to function in the world as if they still had an identity with all of their memories and street-wise skills intact. To do this, the Enlightenment Teacher carefully introduces a spiritual seeker to various experiences of self and existence that gently challenge the seeker’s perceptions of reality. Gradually, the Ego’s personal construct of illusion is dismantled, one card at a time.

Rubbing out the Ego involves more than you can imagine! Join me on this amazing, unmissable and unrepeatable voyage of self-discovery by attending what promises to be a fascinating online call 'Rubbing Out the Ego - Safely'.

The above excerpts have been taken from Dave Oshana's article: Safe and Effective Ego Removal for Spiritual Enlightenment

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