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Waking Up Eve

Woman is oxygen, an essential part of existence, a gift from God. We are living our grimmest nightmare that no modern man or woman knows how to solve.

Date: Sun, 3 Jan 2016, 19:00 - 22:00

We know that women are wonderful because everyone and everything loves them. It’s more than love - it is deep core need. For the human being, woman is oxygen, an essential part of existence, a gift from God.

But what has happened to the happy, all-giving spirit of woman? Downtrodden and suppressed throughout history. If she gives up, the Earth will become a dry and barren dustbowl. Woman is still here because she knows this:  giving her blood for new life to grow, chipping her fingernails to plough the soil, her body a canopy protecting us from every kind of storm and adversity.

Despite 100 years of feminism, woman has not liberated, not fully shown herself. We are all miserable because of it. We are living our grimmest nightmare. Ancient, older than recorded history itself, no modern man or woman knows how to solve it. Burning as a hot ember into our brain, restricting like razor wire our still beating hearts. It’s too traumatic to face what happened to all mothers.

Face this we must. Which is why the first class for New Year’s Eve is entitled ‘Waking Up Eve’ in honour of our original parent. Understand this year’s teaching, read ‘A Terrible Truth Revealed’.

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