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Humanity Reborn: The Adam and Eve Forgiveness Clinic

Can we forgive our original parents?

Date: Sun, 10 Jan 2016, 19:00 EEST - 22:00 EEST

There is a pain that our parents received that goes all the way back to our Original Parents. It is the prime cause of universal shock, trauma and horror. Will you travel back in time to untangle the dark umbilical cord that threatened to strangle nascent mankind during gestation in the womb of love?

There’s a strong belief, in our culture, that you should forgive, but exact ideas vary widely. People report failure - they can’t forgive or feel worse.

If forgiveness is “not easy” as they say, then how then can it be practiced by everyone or is it only for a special few?

Can forgiveness, like all good things, be misused, abused and exploited? Alternatively, can forgiveness have unimaginably good consequences when it is done right?

Psychotherapy advises accepting your 'inner child' but how about forgiving the original parents of mankind so that we can forever erase our negative conditioning and give birth to a fully loving humanity?

We will find the best way forward in this Teacher Call, exploring these themes:

What is forgiveness?

What are the benefits of forgiveness?

What are the essential conditions for forgiveness to be easy, simple and wholly effective?

What is the necessary catalytic ingredient for forgiveness to activate?

Is there a spiritual or moral obligation to always forgive?

Is forgiveness difficult?

Is forgiveness painful?

What has gone wrong when forgiveness seems impossible?

Myths and misconceptions about forgiveness.

Is forgiveness conditional or unconditional?

Is forgiveness general or specific?

How does forgiveness work?

How can we forgive our original parents, Adam and Eve?

What are the benefits for humanity in successfully forgiving our original ancestors?

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