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Love Troubles? The Problem and the Solution Surprisingly is Sexual

Man and Woman unified equals God. Adam and Eve's relationship was screwed up, their problems started with sex.

Date: Sun, 17 Jan 2016, 19:00 EEST - 22:00 EEST

Could all of our problems have arisen from one sexual event?
Preposterous, outrageous?
This is worthy of your consideration.

Don't worry! You were messed up way before you born, not just after. You are going to be the first human being to sort it out and I am going to help you.

Psychological studies show that our present problems are created by genetic and epigenetic inheritance, cultural conditioning and adverse circumstances.

Given that humanity is devastatingly screwed up in most areas including international affairs, commerce, ecology, sexuality and gender politics - it follows that extremely destructive relationship habits entered our family tree, quite likely with the original parents of humankind, let's call them Adam and Eve since it's easier than using chromosomal terminology.

Adam and Eve's relationship was screwed up, their problems started with sex. All human problems are related to sex. I am going to prove and, more importantly, solve this.

In Adam and Eve we have a story within which we can find all our hopes, dreams, desires, tragedies, traumas, problems and frustrations. You don't need marital, sexual and religious qualifications to entertain this subject - you simply need to have a body and some worldly experience.

Not only was Adam and Eve's sex life messed up, their relationship was destructive. This devastated their family life and all future generations. Love was lost. Today love is confused. It's as if the Tower of Babel has erased all understanding of what love is. Yet we seek love, in relationship and sex.

Sexual energy can become destructive too as unfortunately it is today. In our sex is all the pain, frustration and agony of all humankind. This is why people are afraid of sex and yet need it at the same time - to relive and relieve through cathartic interaction.

The issue is love but the problem started with sex. Sexual energy has the potential to make man and woman one unified being, just as God is One. Man and Woman unified equals God.

During this live online call, I will outline the problem and its solution.

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"You want love? Come with me" said the spider to the fly.

In the past few Online Enlightenment Transmission Calls, we have explored Love and Enlightenment, now let's talk about Sex. Sex holds the key, yet sexual awareness is buried under so much psychological stuff and cultural baggage that it's harder to access than the forbidden books section of the Vatican Library.

There's something vitally true about sex that gets missed when all attention is on titillation, performance, taboos, guilt-ridden secret pleasures and fetishes. Sex is not simply for pleasure or procreation, it has an unimaginable, essential higher purpose.

Sexual energy not only effects your spiritual life, it holds the key to understanding the past, present and future of humanity. A couple relationship, done right, has the power to fulfil your destiny.

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