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Regaining Eden, Enlightenment Transmission and Absolute Love for Everyone

Principles for restoration

Date: Sun, 31 Jan 2016, 19:00 EEST - 22:00 EEST

Enlightenment is not a personal gift, it is for everyone. Therefore Enlightenment should not be a selfish pursuit. Enlightenment is for the good of the Whole.

Enlightenment has two parts: knowing yourself and living it.

‘Knowing yourself’ is knowing your Soul, that part of you that existed before this world and will exist afterward. ‘Living who you are’ is about how you live as a human being, what you do here on Earth and what you share.

Our souls should share through the medium of the human body which means that every interaction should be deep, profound and loving. Instead, unfortunately, the norm currently is to have superficial Ego-to-Ego contact.

When Egos rule the world we are going to hell, in fact we are in Hell and have been there for a very long time. Fortunately, but tragically, we are only waking up to this now. As the world puts its attention on terrorism and the problems of mass immigration, we begin to notice that nothing really worked – ever. Countries, corporations and cultures were never really good for us. We see the planet, economics and societies being destroyed before our very eyes and we live right within those problems.

But with Enlightenment, that seed of wisdom and knowing that exists within each one of us, we can be guided by its Light to right all of the wrong steps of humanity. We can trace our footsteps back to the very beginning where all problems started and we can restart Eden again.

For further context read my article ‘Regaining Eden, Establishing Heaven on Earth and Warding off Evil’. To become part of the solution join my live online Teacher Call or listen to the replay (book by email if no option appears on DaveOshana.com).

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