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Awakening to the Ancestors: Living, Loving and Fulfilling the Ancestral Dream

Your ancestors want to live and love, too!

Date: Sun, 10 Apr 2016, 20:00 EEST - 22:00 EEST

You don’t have control over your mind and you can’t stop thinking. Your mind is not your own – it’s one mind in a seemingly infinite chain of minds. The closest minds to your mind are the minds of your parents, siblings and grandparents and, if you have them: your partner and children.

Your ancestors had dreams and now their dreams have been inherited by you. You can make them real because you are still on Earth. Your ancestors also had nightmares but you can make them go away – because you are on Earth. Your ancestors also have ‘karmic debts’ and you can pay them off – because you are on Earth. Your mind is not your own and your mission is larger than you can imagine. This news may interfere with your current plans – at this point the average person will stop reading and switch on their TV – never let the truth get in the way of a mediocre life!

Your ancestors are going to keep hammering on you and your descendants until they get their own way. Since they no longer have bodies the only way that they can influence you is through your mind. I am not suggesting that you cave in and become a slave to your ancestors but I recommend that you work with them. You ancestors are all you got. They love you – imperfectly. They are wiser than you – but not fully wise. They look out for you and arrange miraculous happenings – as best as they can. Your ancestors are not perfect but they support you and they expect you to support them. You may resist this fact but eventually you will have to accept it because no man, woman or child is an island.

Your ancestors want you to receive a proper spiritual education because then you will be able to dialogue with them and thereby receive their support and assistance and give your own in return. When your ancestors become happy, then you feel more complete. When your ancestors are sad or frustrated then you feel worse. Some of your ancestors are wise and some are dumb. You should listen to your wise ancestors and help spread their wisdom to your dumb ancestors. You should not follow your dumb ancestors – because following them would be dumb!

Your ancestors want to live and they want to love. They need to give and receive Love. You are their perfect tool! Through you they can fulfil all of their dreams and desires. A good spiritual teaching will allow you to achieve this. You will fix the brokenness in your ancestral lineage and allow Love to flow. You will achieve full awareness of your ancestors and you will pass this awareness onto the descendants of your ancestral lineage. By working with your ancestors, the laws of nature and The 3 Blessings you will create Heaven on Earth, the original Garden of Eden, for your descendants.

Join me for instruction and transformation as we open up the subject of ‘Awakening to the Ancestors: Living, Loving and Fulfilling the Ancestral Dream’.

For further insights read the accompanying articles: ‘Unbroken Human Consciousness’ and ‘Everything Else Is More Important Than Enlightenment!’.


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