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The Body’s Marvellous Energy Balancing System

An endless voyage of discovery, daily meditation, constant improvement, life quality and longevity.

Date: Sun, 15 May 2016, 20:00 - 22:00
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NOTE to those who have not heard the Class: This Class contains detailed practical advice about moving your body and energies that you should follow at the same time. If you are unable to follow movement advice or do not want to then you should not book this Class. You will probably want to listen to the Class several times. The Replay will not work on iOS devices because they do not support Flash Player (we are searching for a technical solution).

The body is a marvellous energy-balancing system. Not only does the body balance its own energies but it also balances the energies of others and the environment. Whilst this is nothing short of miraculous, many other objects of nature also balance the environment. Plants, water and earth have a regulating effect. We know these facts from science but unfortunately most people know very little about themselves. Furthermore, they do not know how to apply the little they do know.​

In this online Teacher Call you will learn to use the various inner forces and energies of your body to balance your posture, mind and emotions. By experiencing this information you will also more deeply understand the mysteries and the necessity of the eternal male-female relationship. By understanding the nature of your own body you will come into a deeper harmony with nature.

The information that you will receive will start you on an endless voyage of discovery which will lead to daily meditation and constant improvement giving you more life quality and longevity.


Newcomers desiring to attend any Live Call should email immediately to receive essential preparation guidance.



No alcohol, intoxicants or drugs should be consumed within 3 days of this Call (ask about prescribed medications).

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