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Pre-Enlightenment Day: Evaporated Ego, Condensed Milk

The day before Enlightenment

Date: Sat, 18 Jun 2016, 20:00 - 23:59

This is it! The point of no-return. That’s your Ego down there. and you can’t ever have it back.

What’s it like to live without the Ego that cosseted your mind and supplied your thoughts for all of those years? You are going to find out.

18th June 2000 was the night it happened to me. Sleep. Loss of Ego. I didn’t know what was happening, what this would become.

16 years later we relive my process because it overlaps with your process. You are always on the edge of your own Enlightenment, so let’s tangle with your Ego and take the air out of it. You will wake up fully and permanently free of your old self.

A brave new world. A new day. But first we have to get through the night.

Join me?

Only you can consent to this irreversible leap into endless uncertainty.


I aim to spend a whole weekend celebrating the arrival of Enlightenment courtesy of the Enlightenment Transmission in my life. You can join me online. Details will follow. You can pre-register by email. The Call will be live streamed via an app and not DaveOshana.com. This page will be updated with more details around 13th June at the time you can fully book the Intensive.


Each Online Intensive Day will start at 8pm Helsinki time


The entire 2 Day Intensive can be booked from this event webpage: ‘The Deep Core of Enlightenment Transmission Weekend Online Intensive’ or you can individually book each day via each event day's webpage or by email.

Day 1: (the page you are on now) ‘Pre-Enlightenment Day: Evaporated Ego, Condensed Milk

Day 2: ‘Day 0: Swimming in Enlightenment Transmission

Do not pay for the Intensive until we have assessed our technical streaming capabilities for this event.


You will need to install communication software (if you have never joined a Teacher Call) to participate. Contact us as soon as possible for guidance.


NOTE: There are a limited number of online slots for this Call. To attend the Call you need to install call software on your computer, smartphone or tablet (although it's better for your health and receptivity if WiFi and EMF radiations are disabled in all devices). You need to test that it works as soon as possible, otherwise you might not be able to join the Call.

If you want you want to join this Call then please register now.



You will need to install software to access the Call (if you have not before) and need to test your connection as soon possible (ideally today).

The event will not be accessible via DaveOshana.com.  

This is a live event.

You should have 5 hours spare to commit for each day.

If you wish to attend please reply by email now.

Further Info

Online Call

Participation in the Live Online Event requires the free Zoom conferencing app: https://zoom.us/support/download