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Resolving Energetic Harm in Human Relationships

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Date: Sun, 14 Aug 2016, 19:00 EEST - 22:00 EEST

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Dave Oshana demonstrating practical ways to dissolve incoming energies

There are many difficult and dangerous vocations in world that require brave and skillful people. It’s easier to face a danger that you can see and have trained for, harder to face a danger that you have never seen and maybe never will. Welcome to the world of Toxic Energy Management. It’s a tough job but someone has to do it otherwise people will suffer – innumerable, more than you can imagine.

I am not suggesting that you do what I do. Since I became Enlightened I was naturally able to direct stuck toxic energies of others to safe places. But it’s risky. There are the hidden games that people play that never make it into any psychotherapy manual and even if you were forewarned you would have trouble recognising them. Human relationships are based on deceit and manipulation. Not that they have to be, but the Ego does not want to get ruined. Honesty, openness and vulnerability would do that – destroy the Ego. But who would ever dare to stand up to their Egos? Not many spiritual seekers. The ones who claim that they will or do are often the most Ego-bound.

There are games within games. Some people specialise in the dark arts of deception. You would not notice them. You would not even be aware of their existence.

You are a spiritual person. You don’t want cut off from others. You want to help them and believe the best about them.  Maybe that’s a contradiction but regardless you will try everywhere, all of the time. You won’t change your approach until you have to.

I am telling you that you need to change now because your dreams, hopes and resources are being raided, gobbled up. Think of all the things that went wrong in your life and look for the emotions that were discharged onto you or the energy that you once had  but now is unaccountably lost. Welcome to the freaky realm of energy vampires - and worse.

But we are not going to get negative and defeated. We are not going to do battle nor sit on the sidelines of life. There is a way to encounter energies such that you can continue to live in the Positive Universe.

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More information is contained in my article:
Living in the Positive Universe - The Only Way

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