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Enlightenment Transmission - The Energy That Heals, Cleans And Awakens Visionary Abilities

Unlimited access to spiritual gifts, insights and awakening

Date: Sun, 16 Oct 2016, 13:00 EEST - 14:45 EEST

The Enlightenment Transmission is the premier spiritual energy which brings greater awareness, higher energies, self-realisation and miracles to those who seek them.

Spiritual teacher Dave Oshana delivers the Enlightenment Transmission in a straight-forward, accessible, no nonsense and personal way. No rituals, beliefs or practices are required nor expected. The aim is to become a knower via direct experience not a believer or follower. The focus of the teaching is on "knowing yourself and fully living it" and includes practical advice about lifestyle, relationships, mental and emotional health, ancestral (family tree) influences, the psyche and how to be a fully-functioning spiritual person in the material world.

Meeting Dave at an open public event is the simplest way to experience the benefits of the Enlightenment Transmission and the wisdom of the teaching. This seminar will be fun, sincere and effective.

This is a rare chance to meet and experience the Enlightenment Transmission. Make every effort to be there - you will be well rewarded for your time and the benefits will come effortlessly.

It helps if you prepare in advance for the seminar. Drink pure liquids. Keep your body and mind clear. Reduce mobile phone usage. Seminar is in English but Finnish translation can be made available if requested at the event.

It's this close!

Dave became Enlightened on 19 June 2000 and ever since has shared everything that he has received without holding anything back. Dave is a real, direct, personal and fully committed spiritual teacher.

Dave hosts weekly live online classes on DaveOshana.com and gives several 7-day retreats per year in the beautiful Finnish Archipelago.

Feel free to ask for further information about preparing for any events or meeting Dave for personal consultation via our contact-form

You will find Dave Teaching online via YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and his weekly newsletter by subscribing via the DaveOshana.com Newsletter
These services are free of charge.

The workshop will happen at the Hengen ja Tiedon Messut hosted by  Rajatiedon Yhteistyö ry.

Seminar Room 4T
Hengen ja Tiedon Messut Helsinki
Helsingin Suomalaisella Yhteiskoululla (SYK)
Isonnevantie 8
00320 Helsinki

All are welcome.
Preparation is not required but it is recommended to drink water and power off mobile phones.
Book your tickets from the organiser.

Further Info

Hengen ja Tiedon Messut Helsinki
Helsingin Suomalaisella Yhteiskoululla (SYK)
Isonnevantie 8
00320Etelä-Haaga, Helsinki