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Towards Wholeness: Receiving Spiritual Guidance, Filtering Ancestral Messages

Date: Sun, 1 Mar 2009, 15:00 EET - 3:00 EET
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oshana radio transmissionYou are already whole, inter-connected with everything both visible and invisible. The road to complete wholeness includes the full acceptance of all that is. The least obvious parts is the invisible, the least acceptable the most uncomfortable.

Man, for all his proud claims of self-consciousness and profound intelligence, often seems to be the most unaware creature of body, others and environment. This lack of awareness continues into the world of thought where man claims supremacy but is woefully unaware. Where do thoughts come from? Why do they stay? And where do their form, content and energy go?

Digging yet deeper into the cognitive soup one instantly finds a maelstrom of contradictory thoughts, emotional conflicts and unbridled desires. How to make sense of these powerful motivational forces and live a life of inner simplicity?

If you have never looked or considered what lays within you then now is the time to start a voyage of discovery which will both useful and ground-breaking in your life story.

You will find unresolved messages from your ancestral past which pull you down, as well as, inner spiritual guidance, which if followed, will lift you high up beyond the tangle.

How to receive the awesome spiritual guidance which is available and resolve the persistent and sometimes inconvenient ancestral messages which have been passed unconsciously down the generations? This is what we will do in this live online class.

If this sounds good to you, then you have nothing to lose (but your marbles, ha!) as you listen from the comfort of you internet connection this Sunday simply by booking now at daveoshana.com. First come, first served. You will also receive an email full of helpful guidance and suggestions for attending the live online class.

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