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Heal the Ancestral Psyche, Save the World

Enlightenment Transmission and the Ancient Ancestral Psyche

Date: Sun, 23 Oct 2016, 19:00 EEST - 22:00 EEST
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The split is in the mirror too!

Spirituality only needs to exist when humankind is cut off from the Source of Existence. Spirituality is an attempt to redress that gap. Unfortunately spirituality has become infected by the problems that beset humanity – it’s inauthentic, insincere and downright inhuman. Spirituality cannot even solve the basic problems of human existence.

Our problems have been with us for so long, thousands of years of unrecorded history, that we can’t recognise them. We now know that we cannot depend upon external sources, that we must find and trust our own inner wisdom without being distracted by our own trauma, tragedy and negative conditioning.

Fortunately you are not alone. In fact, you have never been alone. There has always been help. That help will not come from any human agency but from the Enlightenment Transmission, a source of wisdom, love and intelligence.

The Enlightenment Transmission works with Ancestral Lineages because that’s where all our problems reside – and only from our Ancestral Lineages will the solutions come. Ironically, your Ancestors can only be helped by first healing you and yet paradoxically you can only be healed when Enlightenment Transmission works with your Ancestral Line.

Humanity’s psyche is fragmented. The fragmentation creates a division within people and between them. The fragmentation has been caused by abuse and conditioning which are then inherited by future generations through cell division. Simple methods cannot solve this but the Enlightenment Transmission can. The Enlightenment Transmission’s healing qualities never stop working, unlike fallible, inconsistent and easily distracted human beings.

In this online class you are going to discover and experience the Enlightenment Transmission’s healing qualities and participate in healing your family tree, and ultimately the psyche of the human race.

Helpful, latest article: 'Enlightenment Transmission: Healing Humanity’s Fragmented Ancestral Psyche'


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