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Course Corrections: Fulfilling the Ancestral Dream (Day 1)

You are the Ancestral Dream that you are trying to awaken and fulfil

Date: Sat, 29 Oct 2016, 17:00 EET - 22:00 EET
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The Replay for Day 2 is here:
Course Corrections: Fulfilling the Ancestral Dream (Day 2)


The Ancestral Dream is the reason for your existence.

The Ancestral Dream created you.

The Ancestral Dream is you.

For the longest time, you have felt stuck. Stuck within an unreality that you consider to be Reality. For the longest time, you wished that it could be different but found yourself unable to change anything because you have a strong belief that reality cannot be changed. However if the reality that you consider to be Reality is in fact not Reality then it can be changed. The only thing stopping you changing that ‘reality’ is your belief that it is Reality.

You are trapped in a maze, seeking a way out. Every time you seemingly get out of the maze, you find that you are still within it. You have now discovered that all of religious and spiritual ‘technology’ is broken. They have been infected by “the maze” and are purposed to keep you in the maze – not to break you out. Running circles in your mind everywhere you tread is quicksand.

It’s not simply true that you want to “wake up”. You are the product of the generations before you who fell asleep. Sleepiness invades your blood. You need energy to achieve a critical threshold velocity to escape the gravitational pull of inertia. That energy will come from varied sources. Raising your awareness you will jump beyond the belief barrier.

You are the ancestral dream that has been trying to fulfil itself for millennia. Everything can be understood from this viewpoint.


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