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Reactivating the Original Inner Ideal of the World of Never-Ending Love

Activating the Inner Ideal of a Beautiful World of Love, Peace and Prosperity

Date: Sun, 18 Dec 2016, 19:00 EEST - 22:00 EEST
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Eventually the whole world will flow with the original ideal of pure Love.

Love is within and between the Souls

I am going to share an ideal with you that is so deep that it is difficult to find.

An ideal that will bring you to tears when you recognise the world that could have been and the love that you never had.

There will be tears of joy and gladness choked with excitement and anticipation that will bring fear and trembling because it will feel all too much.

But I must take you to this place, because this where you began – this is your birthplace. Born in love, sent in love to realise a world of never-ending love.

How better to understand who and what you are than to see it all together at the same time? The full picture of love in full colour, sound and feeling. A full blast that will overwhelm your senses and make a long and lasting impression that you will forever remember.

Real Love has thus far only been whispered. Never revealed. So precious. So denied. Found in pieces.

But you will get it all back – your inheritance of Love and World of Love that will itch and delight.

To take you there requires a special conveyance. This is a journey taking you to where it all started. The beginning of your Life.

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