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FREE Enlightenment Transmission Meditation

Pure Enlightenment Transmission - Simple & Pure

Date: Sun, 8 Jan 2017, 21:00 - 23:00

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In silence, in the absence of distractions, exists a pure experience of the Enlightenment Transmission and yourself.

It's recommended that you prepare before the Silent Enlightenment Transmission Contact Meditation by quieting your body and mind. Written guidance will be emailed to all registered participants. There will not be any spoken guidance during the online event.

Everyone is affected by the Enlightenment Transmission, but not all are immediately conscious of the effects. Consequently, I typically aim to provide tangible evidence of the Enlightenment Transmission through physical and verbal Teaching interactions and demonstrations. However over the years, there have been repeated requests to provide silent time during Retreats, group meetings and One-to-Ones.

In silence the effects and benefits of the Enlightenment Transmission can be clearly perceived.

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To get the biggest breakthroughs and best spiritual preparation book the Live Event early on this webpage - this way your ancestors and spiritual guides can prepare you in advance and ensure that you receive the messages that they have for you.

Any questions? Send them by email or contact-form.

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This is a live event.

No alcohol, intoxicants or drugs should be consumed within 3 days of this Call (ask about prescribed medications).

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