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Rude Awakenings: The Effect of Raw Enlightenment Transmission Upon Naked Consciousness

Limitless Awakening, Boundaryless Teaching

Date: Sun, 15 Jan 2017, 19:00 EEST - 22:00 EEST
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In English, we have an expression “rude awakening” which refers to a sudden, often unwelcome realisation.

Of the many types of spiritual awakening, some are gentle and some abrupt. The most dramatic awakening of all is Enlightenment, which involves the simultaneous losing of the false identity and regaining the true self. However, if the false identity is dismantled before a modicum of true self is gained then disorientation will result.

To avoid panic setting in the Oshana Enlightenment Transmission Teaching provides the spiritual equivalent of safe sex. Getting laid (excuse the Americanism), like getting Enlightened, is inherently unsafe regardless of the circumstances. Enlightenment like orgasm is, essentially, explosive. During Enlightenment, the false identity gets blown away. It’s a violent revolution, Karl Marx’s would be proud.

Safety involves minimising risk: having a method that prepares the individual in advance with advice, tools and training; slowing things down; moving through procedural steps and donning protective clothing. However excessive safety kills passion, just like even light pasteurisation kills fermentation (ruining the chance for bacteria to ever have grandchildren and for you to have a well-working gut).

When it comes to getting Enlightened the question is: do you want a fast and rude awakening (success) or do you want a slow and endless striptease (failure)? The question answers itself (happily) but that won’t change spiritual seeker practices (unfortunately).

You could of course lay the responsibility for getting Enlightened at the feet of the teacher, which in practise is heaping it on his head. However the modern teacher has to consider the working of law and psychiatry which seek to shut down spiritual teachers and lock up seekers, and vice versa (witch doctors, both old and new, tend to compete). Ashrams were invented to cope the unpredictable symptoms of incomplete awakening.

To bring on Enlightenment, both the seeker and the teacher have to take risks. It’s like climbing Everest. Of course, it would be safer to not take risks but at the risk of not getting Enlightened.

Fortunately, the Enlightenment Transmission doesn’t care about the risks or social graces – but only Enlightenment. The solution naturally is to cook in the highest grade, absolute pure Enlightenment Transmission. We shall explore the options and issues in this important live online class.

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