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The Last Ever Teaching

... is an experience

Date: Sun, 29 Jan 2017, 19:00 EEST - 22:00 EEST
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In space find ...

The description for this online Live Transmission is really a preamble to give you a sense that this event is not a ‘class’ in the ordinary sense of the word but a tool to remove the false identity, that thing which acts as a cataract that prevents a clear and direct perception of reality. Seeing is believing.

Perhaps you are wondering if this really is “the last ever teaching?” In our special area of interest language fails us. We have to resort to using concepts in unorthodox ways in order to get the desired result. While it’s easy to misunderstand the intended meaning of a verbal communication, it’s much more difficult to avoid reality when it is an experience that is so much in your face that it takes up your entire visual field and dribbles down into every soul … I had meant “cell”… in your body.

As explained in the previous online class, ‘Infinity Now Enlightenment Transmission Space Time’, my role isn’t to create concepts but to take them away. I aim to lead you to a direct experience of reality - but your self-identified relationship with concepts obstructs that.

However since your mind has a conceptual hierarchy installed within it, my concepts must be used like a Trojan horse to dismantle the perverse master-slave relationship that you have with the concepts inside their mind. In this case you are a slave to the concepts that have been installed in your mind. You walk around, live and breathe within an inner virtual reality landscape. If a person imagines that they had an Awakening in that landscape then they would be delusional. However if they Awaken outside of that inner mental prison then they will be truly free.

This class is titled ‘The Last Ever Teaching’ for several reasons. It indicates that teachings should not exist, that they are causes of confusion and bewilderment and that one carefully timed ‘teaching’ ideally would suffice to bring Awakening. It also indicates that the path to Awakening, a journey of zero distance, is not designed to add anything but to take everything away. Thus an actual teaching has nothing to stand on since it removes the very groundwork on which it seems to be based - it vanishes without a trace.

If you kind of get the sense that I am talking about or this arouses your curiosity then definitely register for this event – your curiosity will be more than met. You will understand this is not ordinary event.

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