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In and Out of Consciousness

Deep experiential journeys into Original Self

Date: Sun, 12 Feb 2017, 19:00 EEST - 22:00 EEST
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Sharing the space of Enlightenment

We typically assume that we become conscious when we wake up and unconscious when we go to sleep. But in fact it is often the other way around. Upon awakening from slumber, we actually start dreaming with eyes open. These full blown hallucinations only eventually stop in the deepest part of our sleep cycle when all rapid eye movement (REM) ceases and for the first time during the day the mind becomes quiet and undistracted. It is only then that we are fully conscious – but we retain no memory of that experience. Consequently it goes unnoticed - which is a great loss for a spiritual seeker who desires to know their true self, to be Enlightened.

If we could only journey into that state of full Consciousness - undistracted by the mind without falling into deep sleep. If we could maintain that awareness regardless of how tired, fatigued, alert or active we feel then we would recover something truly essential and necessary for our sense of being part of existence.

Every Enlightenment Transmission event is a journey into real Consciousness and a transition out of false everyday consciousness. This online event will specifically explore this phenomenon by taking the listener on a voyage of discovery. No one ever comes back the same.

These two new articles will give you insights into how and why we experientially journey with the Enlightenment Transmission:

Escaping the Virtual Reality Maze of the Secondary Self to Reunite Split Consciousness and Attain Enlightenment
I Want Fully Awake Consciousness, I Want Enlightenment

This event is precisely purposed to transport you ‘In and Out of Consciousness’ -  to experience being fully awake and not dreaming when you are not sleeping. Later, of course, you can also experience being fully awake when either sleeping or dreaming. In fact, whenever we are in contact with the Enlightenment Transmission we come into contact with our Consciousness. Beginners notice that they feel very alert, awake, rested and blissful but as beginners they are unsure exactly what they are experiencing. By regularly going into Consciousness, which is higher and vaster than ordinary mundane personality consciousness you will start to know and understand what you are. Join me for this specific journey on 12th February by booking here: ‘In and Out of Consciousness’.

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