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Directly Experience the Lights of the Enlightenment Transmission

The Enlightenment Transmission clears, deep cleanses, purifies and brings Light to every cell

Date: Sun, 12 Mar 2017, 19:00 EEST - 22:00 EEST
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Sharing Consciousness

Consciousness cannot be physically located, and yet it is thought of as residing in a place within the body determined by cultural beliefs.

Yet whilst Consciousness cannot be physically located, it is everywhere that we look and feel. In fact, Consciousness is in all of our senses and all of our cells. It is the Light of Consciousness that allows us to perceive, to be sensate. Consciousness illuminates both the outer and inner worlds so that we perceive them. Consciousness shines a light through our senses, onto the world and back into our brain to enable apperception.

The Enlightenment Transmission allows us to become aware of the whole process by making it visible. The Light of the Enlightenment Transmission shines in fact into every sense and sensation. The recipient sees lights within all inner and outer senses. Thus their world and experience becomes illuminated. Each participant is affected by this mystical experience which motivates them to trust, open up and find their Self, which is Consciousness.

You can experience this for yourself by meeting me in the real world or online. The online event is accessible for live witness or later as an MP3, Better sooner than later. Come and experience the Enlightenment Transmission.

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