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Thunder, Lightning, Fireballs and Beautiful Spaces

A liberating communication between the deep spiritual self and human life

Date: Sun, 28 May 2017, 19:00 EEST - 22:00 EEST

Day 5 is an essential stage of the Enlightenment Transmission retreat cycle that moves the experiencer to have self-control, self-expression and a divine free life that is blessed by heaven energies.

A time of expressive release, vision catching and possibility.


Which way is up, again?

On Day 5, the experiencer is learning how to clear out trash from their inner spaces by themselves whereas previously it was automatically arranged by the Enlightenment Transmission.

They are also becoming conversant with spontaneous self-expression that wells up from the deepest part of their self and has to pass through toxic layers of distorting, occluding programmed inhibition.

Their self-expression is naturally supported by the Enlightenment Transmission to gather and reverse the direction of the programmed energies that held it back, thus giving it a fiery, lightning-like quality. In the initial stages, the expression is awkward, self-conscious and graceless and comes with an explosive quality that has to responsibly managed to avoid causing social damage but not by inhibiting full expression and release. This is a natural balance point of spontaneity, creativity and catharsis in the retreat cycle.

What gets expressed and released at this stage can be discarded forever, integrated, owned and/or learned from. It is a fantastic, liberating, learning experience that opens up new horizons of communication between the deep spiritual self and human life that transforms the mind, heart and body and prepares the experiencer for re-entering the world as a renewed and transformed individual who will be able to look into Heaven from Earth and make the necessary changes that Life wishes.

What you Need to Listen

You will need an app to watch/listen/participate. If this is your first time or you require assistance, then email or contact us to ask for details to join this or any Enlightenment Transmission event.


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Day 5 - ‘Thunder, Lightning, Fireballs and Beautiful Spaces’ (28th May Call)

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Day 7 - ‘You Can Have Your Life Back’ (11th June Call)

Day 7 will complete with a super, extra long Online Video Intensive on 18th June, Enlightenment Day Eve - just a few days before the long solstice day of eternal sun in Finland!


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Online Call

Live Online Event participation requires the free and easy Zoom conferencing app. Details and tech support upon request. [Zoom is not needed for streamed audio replays and MP3 downloads that are hosted on DaveOshana.com]