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The Thinnest Slice of Nothingness

A Profoundly Unsatisfying Non-Offering

Date: Sun, 25 Jun 2017, 19:00 EET - 22:00 EET

[The actual content of the eventual Call was unexpected and more earth-shaking and emotional than anticipated. This is not a Call for unprepared first timers. See this article for a description: Choosing Life In All Its Fullness. The Replay that can be booked by email or contact-form  is about 3 hours 20 minutes.]

The description of this event is minimalist. The minimalist approach worked very well when I first started sharing Enlightenment in 2000. It also attracted praise during the 19th June 2017 Enlightenment Day Interactive Call ‘The Moment the Enlightenment Transmission was Revealed’ wherein one veteran participant declared it the most enjoyable online event ever.

I introduced the concept of the The Thinnest Slice of Nothingness during the 18th June Online Intensive ‘The Moment that the World was Extinguished, Fun and Frolics at the Zero Point of Existence’ (available for replay upon request) so I do not intend to describe it again but I do intend to serve it up with a variety of new identity-busting concepts until either I get bored of them or someone starts to believe in them.

Somehow we have to give your identity the slip, make your ego go gaga and bring your psyche back to Day Zero from whence your life can start again.


The Cutting End of the Ego's Thin Wedge

An explanation of this non-event may be found in the following article: ‘True Spiritual Stories: The Thinnest Slice of Nothingness

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You will need an app to watch/listen/participate. If this is your first time or you require assistance, then email or contact us to ask for details to join this or any Enlightenment Transmission event.

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