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Oshana Energy-Work Method Class

Edasijõudnute Oshana Energy-Work meetodi põhikoolitus

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Date: Sat, 23 Sep 2017, 11:00 - 14:30

You know that are lucky because you live in Finland? Because you won the lottery! But here is one more fantastic reason: access to regular life-changing classes around Helsinki : ‘Core Training in Advanced Oshana Energy-Work Method’!

 oshana energy-work

discover the energies of creation

Your body's proper functioning is essential to have a truly happy, healthy and fulfilled life. And Enlightenment happens in the body first and the mind second because the mind comes from the body.

People lose their body's natural abilities and age too quickly but the Oshana Energy-Work Method reverses this unnatural "aging" and makes you more intelligent, energetic and gives you a warm glow.

The Oshana Energy-Work Method has a clear and precise system to awaken many skills and abilities including relaxation, cleansing, focus, agility and power. That list is just for the body alone - there are also extra benefits that are energetic and spiritual and include awareness, interconnectivity and Enlightenment.

I plan to share this healing and well-being system in several countries. If you are near Helsinki then you are lucky because you can train every week and receive very precise and clear guidance to make fast and certain progress.

The longer practice days will be every Saturday. There will also be weekly classes when participants register for a morning or evening class.

The training will automatically develop abilities and skills that you never knew that you had. Athletes, physiotherapists and doctors are amazed by the simplicity, wisdom and depth of the system. It's simply unimaginable and beyond your wildest dreams.

The next Oshana Energy-Work Method Training in Helsinki is on Saturday 1.9.2017 and then every Saturday after that. We start with introductory classes and special offers.

The training days are still quite new for most participants so we will begin with the fundamentals and work slowly with clear examples to learn how to transfer energy to all areas of the body.

Because I want everyone to have the chance to train regularly I am offering huge discounts relative to the price of my others classes - and further discounts for those who train regularly. It's a win, win, win system for you!

I expect the length of the Saturday trainings to be a minimum of 3 hours.

The introductory prices would reward regular training in the same month like this:

1st Saturday: 40€

2nd Saturday: 35€

3rd Saturday: 30€

4th Saturday: 25€

Remember these are special offer introductory prices and that these classes can be over 3 hours, even 4-6 hours for which a typical price would be 60-90€.

The class location will vary according to the location of most participants. At the moment we train in Central and East Helsinki.

If you want to attend the classes then send me an email or use my website contact-form.

Transform your life from ordinary to miraculous!

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Location varies. Contact us as soon as possible for updates.