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Commune, Bathe and Relax in Enlightenment Transmission

Enlightenment for free: Nothing on Earth could possibly feel as good as the Enlightenment Transmission.

Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2017, 19:00 EEST - 22:00 EEST

Live streamed video replay can be booked, send your times of availability to our email address or via our contact-form.

After two seasons of unsurpassed spiritual experiences, breakthroughs, learnings and developments we can change gears, relax, celebrate, enjoy and simply bathe in Enlightenment Transmission – because that’s why we are here. If anyone has any alternative perspectives or suggestions then feel welcome to email me.

I was recently reminded that someone once asked “why do you do this?”  I suppose the question meant “why do you share Enlightenment?” In the previous class, I gave my best answers since nothing is simple when trying to describe the invisible, uncharted waters of spiritual experience. Much better than explaining is to share an experience. That’s why I am inviting you to commune in this class. We can do that through a number of expressions: communication, guided meditation and silence. I have not decided the format but have some ideas. Perhaps you have some ideas too? I would welcome to know them by email.

Please consider joining this event. It promises pure Enlightenment Transmission and resultant experiences including that of your true self.

There are only a few more live online classes this season. There will be a break in October for the USA Enlightenment Transmission Events.

On 11/11/2017 there should be a free online Enlightenment Transmission event but don’t wait for something this good but get it while you can.

Enlightenment for free. Nothing feels as good as the Enlightenment Transmission.

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Online Call

Live Online Event participation requires the free and easy Zoom conferencing app. Details and tech support upon request. [Zoom is not needed for streamed audio replays and MP3 downloads that are hosted on DaveOshana.com]