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Elä niin kuin sinun oli tarkoitettu elää

Se henkilö joka todella olet haluaa elää.

Date: Sun, 3 Dec 2017, 19:00 - 22:00

In this live online class I will take the viewer on a journey to discovering and recovering the true life that lives within them and yearns to be lived outside of them. The person who you really are on the inside wishes to live.

The problem is that your freedom and autonomy has been usurped. Recovering your freedom cannot be done by thinking, trying or techniques. The solution requires direct perceptual experiences which can only be exposed to you by an energy that is sufficiently wise and intelligent enough to remove the mental fog that covers your eyes. That energy is the Enlightenment Transmission. Further explanations about these claims are detailed in my article which has the same title as this class: ‘Living The Life That You Were Supposed To Live’.

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Enlightenment Transmission Shows The Way

To complement your journey of self-discovery with the Enlightenment Transmission, I will suggest ways of reviewing your life and planning your future. You will discover whether this helps you make sense of your life and find freedom for now and forever.

Join me and others who have discovered that the Enlightenment Transmission is very effective at producing immediate breakthroughs in consciousness and self-awareness. Book this class or use the contact-form if you have any questions.

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What you Need to Listen

You will need an app to watch/listen/participate. If this is your first time or you require assistance, then email or contact us to ask for details to join this or any Enlightenment Transmission event.


Anyone can apply to participate but newcomers should email us or use the contact-form well in advance to receive technical and energetic guidance.

Event talk-time is a minimum of 2 hours but may go over 3 hours.

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Online Call

Participation in the Live Online Event requires the free Zoom conferencing app: https://zoom.us/support/download