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The Dave Oshana Online Enlightenment Transmission Christmas Party

Whatever happens, you have to be there to know about it!

Date: Sun, 17 Dec 2017, 19:00 EET - 22:00 EET

A low risk, high pay off socially chaotic online party to round off a year political, economic, social and spiritual disasters. Expect the unexpected, exceptional spontaneity, high quality laughs and nerve-cutting-edge jokes. An essential spiritual primer for the festive season of traditional meaningless chaos and gluttony ahead.

Enlightenment Transmission Dissolves Any Concepting

The Enlightenment Transmission Party Is That Way

It’s best to attend the live event but if you cannot make it then you can request via email or the contact-form a replay for Christmas 2018 - no one really wants out-of-season gifts!


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Online Call

Live Online Event participation requires the free and easy Zoom conferencing app. Details and tech support upon request. [Zoom is not needed for streamed audio replays and MP3 downloads that are hosted on DaveOshana.com]