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Unplugging: The Unprogram Party

Rapid Code Debug and Wake Up From the Matrix

Date: Sun, 11 Feb 2018, 19:00 EET - 22:00 EET


"We are not going in, but coming out."

Hardware is silicon. Wetware is neuronal. Software is organisation. Tupperware is plastic. Unplugging is unprogramming. Expect temporary disorganisation of old patterns followed by reality synching and extreme clarity.

"After Sunday's live online interaction event, I could not tell the difference between an internet socket and an electric plug."

A direct approach to waking up that will turn your ideas and ideals about spiritual reality on their head.

Sudden breakthrough, with no long or arduous self-work, processing or therapy, is the only way to actually wake up.

It is strongly recommended that you read ‘Sudden Awakening: Freedom So Close You Can Taste It’ before continuing further. Then read ‘Alice in Wonderland: The Constantly Dreaming Mind Exposed’. And then read ‘Saving Inter-Dimensional Reality’.

These live online interactions are not a walk in the park or a Sunday evening of bland TV entertainment but a head rush through the Valley of Fear to a brave new future, the edge of a glorious eternity.

Expect to be called upon to interact or else sit on the sidelines of life.

Let's Explore Your Mind Together

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Free entry possible for newcomers and eligible applicants under the Oshana SEVA Program (apply early).

See ‘SEVA Offers Free Access To Enlightenment Transmission Events’

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Live Online Event participation requires the free and easy Zoom conferencing app. The Zoom link is in the email Orientation which will be sent if you book early enough. [Zoom is not needed for MP3 downloads]