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Guided Journey: Mending Humanity's Broken Psyche

Connecting the dots, from seeming chaos comes order

Date: Sun, 4 Mar 2018, 19:00 EET - 22:00 EET

Replay sessions can be requested, contact us.

A guided deep meditative journey through your body and into your Consciousness.

No one would choose to do the "work" that we in the Enlightenment Transmission, but we do it because others do not and we have no choice. This is fresh, virgin ground and you get that feeling everytime there is an Enlightenment Transmission as if we are doing and experiencing something for the first time. Every moment is fresh and new, as it should be.

I want to share something with you which is very important to your life but which you have probably never heard about. Because you have never heard about it, you are unlikely to have ever thought about it or recognised it. It will also be difficult to describe it to you in a short written text but something inside you will know what this is about because communication does not happen only through words but travels on the invisible airwaves that connect souls.

Universal Give and Receive

Universal Give and Receive

Those invisible airwaves (or airways) are part of what I want you to become aware of because. Right now, there are millions of interconnections happening that involve you. Naturally, you are affected by these interactions. The need to resolve them is a large part purpose of your being in existence at this time. However if you’re not aware of these interconnections then the process of resolution is highly unlikely to happen. The process of resolution is necessary for the survival of the human race. This can only become clear after you experience the interconnections.

In the meantime your focus will naturally be upon yourself. It is not necessary to think of the human race because the work done within yourself will help you understand and resolve yourself and others in a myriad of ways.

Recent feedback from the ‘Only Connect - Because Connection Is All That There Is’ (Replay might be available on request)

“Thank you for the connection event earlier today, what an introduction. I felt you skillfully leading me to a genuine and direct experience of my Truth.”

“I feel like a jacket potato resting in tinfoil after roasting in the energy oven of today’s event. I took your advice and took it easy afterwards. Sat down for a bit, lay down for a bit and slept for a bit. Drank loads of water.”

“Still feels like a dream, did that really just happen? I let go of a big blockage pretty early on in the session that’s been desperate to be let go of for a while now. Thank you for that. You provided a safe climate of conscious clarity for me to just face it as it is, look at it, talk to it and melt into it, accepting it.”

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