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Kogege tõelist hingede võrgustikku ja looge rahu inimkonnale

Nähtamatu igavene võrgustik, mis on alati oodanud teie täiel teadvel osalemist

Date: Sun, 11 Mar 2018, 19:00 - 22:00

A deeply human, fully experiential spiritual way to establish peace in the invisible network of human souls and bodies. Experiencing is believing.

What is life about and what is it made from? Aside from the soul, human life is mostly made of emotions, feelings and connections with others. What is your body but the cell division of thousands of years of mutation and epigenetics?

Epigenetics means that the experiences of your ancestors affect how you experience life and how you behave. Complicated, surely. Let's jump into the complex and start to untangle the knitting of yours, mine and everyone else's. We might get an itchy goat hair jersey for all our efforts.

We will explore our experiences of being much more than we imagine when we conceive of being human - for we are: you, me and others, near, far and departed. Discover more, jump in and forever change your life perspective.

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A Kiss From Your True Self Is All You Ever Wanted

Feedback from ‘Guided Journey: Mending Humanity's Broken Psyche’ ( contact-form to request a replay session):

“It was a beautiful experience and left me in a deep meditative space.”

“I am drinking this abundant, beautiful, refreshing, cold, life giving water.  It is delicious and delicious again. I literally feel it in me and will drink from it again.  My being is grateful.”

“I went deep into relaxation, no mind, something happened. I could feel my awareness in me, more so than before. I love going there, wherever it is it's deeply relaxing. I really like the subject matter you talked about, that all souls are connected, we all are at connected at a deeper level. Millions of invisible connections everywhere, you just need to be made aware of them. And yes the ancestors, you can never really get away from them, I think about all of them a lot.”

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Participation in the Live Online Event requires the free Zoom conferencing app: https://zoom.us/support/download