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The Life: The Jesus Enlightenment Transmission Easter Online Intensive

A fuller appreciation of a life worth living and actually lived

Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2018, 19:00 - 22:00

Find Your Rebirth, Wherever It May Be
Find Your Rebirth

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Themes: Life. Jesus Story, Conception, Original Nature, Purpose, Existence and more ...

Good Friday. Day 1 of ‘The Spiritual Rebirth Easter Online Intensive Marathon’.

Before considering the relevance and meaning of death there needs to be an appreciation of what life is, has been and what it could be. In fact the existence of death provides a strong incentive to do this sooner rather than later. This results in a celebration of life and activates dormant wisdom and abilities.

In the context of Jesus, the Crucifixion is the sudden removal of a long-awaited light of hope for the world. After 3 days of deep contemplation over the original Easter period, it is revealed that this disappearance of Jesus is an illusion and that the miracles working power of Jesus still exists and is more powerful than previously recognised. This raises the question "what is resurrection?" But before we can answer that we have to understand what death is and before understanding death we have to have life clearly within our attention, something that we rarely do until the existence of death creates such an enquiry.

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