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The Resurrection: The Jesus Enlightenment Transmission Easter Online Intensive

Resurrection is the impossibility everyone hopes for

Date: Sun, 1 Apr 2018, 19:00 - 22:00

Find Your Rebirth, Wherever It May Be
Find Your Rebirth

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Easter Sunday. Day 3 of ‘The Spiritual Rebirth Easter Online Intensive Marathon’.

Resurrection seems like an impossibility but revealingly the most common human experience is that loved ones never actually leave us after physical death. In fact, this applies not only to loved ones but to everyone who passes over. Indeed, it seems like they have not gone anywhere. But as in life, so in death, the question remains where are they, what is it like and what is happening there?

We speak about being dead whilst still alive. Could it be possible then to be dead whilst being actually dead? What that means is a life on the other side that is not moving anywhere. Can a person without a physical body be stuck? And if so are there varying degrees of stuckness and flow?

The resurrection is seen as rebirth, being born again, a second chance, taking up the physical body again and living in this dimension again. Understandably, anyone who comes back is highly likely to have a very different perspective about life and how to live it. We could certainly learn something from such a person because we are the same, only different by not having had the experience.

It was considered that Jesus never actually died but only His physical body died and that afterward He was able to appear again in a body in this dimension. There is some controversy whether this was the same physical body or an entirely different type of body. We can keep an open mind about that. What we can be sure was that this was a transformed body and a Jesus whose purpose and behaviour was somehow different, more intimate, more close, with a foot in this world and the next and bringing a feeling of all worlds. But this is not a one time case in history, for resurrection is available for everyone.

But is there such a thing as personal resurrection? A resurrected person is not the same as an unresurrected person. An unresurrected person is concerned about a personal life which is framed by death. The resurrected person is not concerned about their death. Their vision includes both the physical world and the afterworld. They work in both dimensions and the bridge.

Clearly, there is much to know about resurrection and since it is part of life for you and your loved ones, it is worth knowing in a direct and intimate way.

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