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Free Enlightenment Transmission Teaching

Liberate Your Hidden Powers - Dave Oshana at Sisemise Tarkuse Festival, Tallinn

Find Your True Nature and Experience Bliss

Date: Sat, 14 Apr 2018, 13:30 EET - 14:30 EET

Directly experience Enlightenment Transmission phenomena


We Find Special Abilities

On Saturday 14th April at 13:30 in Tallinn, I will present 'Liberate Your Hidden Powers' at the 'Sisemise Tarkuse Festival' in English with Estonian translation. After the lecture, I will meet seekers and answer questions.

Something happens when we connect soul-to-soul which awakens various kinds of spiritual abilities and phenomena, I call it Enlightenment Transmission.

By using direct pointing, energetic connection, laughter, humorous examples and divine intelligence I will connect you to your own special powers that will bring joy, peace and happiness into the world. I have been sharing the revelation of Enlightenment Transmission since June 2000 when I became Enlightened.

I invite you to experience what will happen when we meet.

To help with planning, please email me soon if:

  1. You are travelling from Finland to attend the lecture.
  2. You live in Estonia and will attend the lecture.
  3. You could help translate the questions and answers after the lecture.
  4. You would like to attend an Enlightenment Transmission Intensive in Tallinn on a Saturday in April or early May.

The 14th April lecture is free but a ticket is needed to enter the Festival.

Details about the Festival and ticket prices are here: sisemisetarkusefestival.ee

I have started a webpage about the event which I will finish sometime after the Easter Online Intensive and which will be translated into Estonian: https://www.daveoshana.com/events/2018/liberate-your-hidden-powers-dave-oshana-at-sisemise-tarkuse-festival-tallinn

Tallinna Teeninduskoolis
Majaka 2

Everyone is welcome.

Lecture is free after entering festival.

Festival Ticket:
1 day: 10 EUROs adult/ 8 EUROs student/retired elder/unemployed
2 days: 18 EUROS adult/15 EUROS student/retired elder/unemployed

Further info sisemisetarkusefestival.ee

Arrive early to find a seat.
Lecture in English with live translation in Estonian.
Dave will be available after the lecture for to meet you personally and answer questions.

An Enlightenment Transmission happens when there is a connection between a person’s inner Self and their everyday self. This phenomena is pleasurable for others and suddenly encourages one to have personal inner connection with their deepest Self. From this enjoyable connection comes true love, life and laughter and a full connection with others.

The purpose of this Introduction meeting is to share the experience of the Enlightenment Transmission, to provide an update about valuable new developments in Enlightenment Transmission Teaching, to meet interested participants both old and new and to share the deeper aspects of the Oshana Energy-Work Method.

Excited to be back in Tallinn, enlightened spiritual guide Dave Oshana will share the Enlightenment Transmission experience publicly with spiritual seekers.

The Enlightenment Transmission is not like anything you have ever encountered. What has been repeatedly observed is that around it, people experience increased energy, awareness and ability to tune into one’s true life mission.

The Enlightenment Transmission is not a technique or method. Its highly transformational and effective results do not depend upon your own personal efforts. There is nothing to practice. Instead you will find yourself spontaneously more present and blissful.

This meeting will not be like an ordinary meditation. No ‘self-discipline’ is required. You simply show up. Dave silently works with every person in the room to take them further along their spiritual path to self-realization.

Dave will also share his own experiences  as a pre-Enlightened spiritual seeker and an Enlightened spiritual guide. His approach is warm, friendly, accessible, often humorous and always personal. He follows no tradition or teacher except the Enlightenment Transmission.

If you have been spiritually seeking on religious and spiritual paths, you will find Dave’s Enlightenment Transmission worthy of your attention and participation. This may be a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet an authentic Enlightened spiritual guide and experience spiritual reality as directly revealed by the Enlightenment Transmission.

Please spread the word.

Meeting Dave at an introductory event such as this is the best way to fulfil the preparatory eligibility requirements for deeper and more profound exposures to the Enlightenment Transmission, such as Enlightenment Transmission Intensives and Retreats in several countries. All details can be found at DaveOshana.com/Events.

Go Deeper Online Now

Open your energetic receptivity channels and increase spiritual understanding by listening to live online event and event replays on DaveOshana.com. You can book One-on-One with Dave to meet online or in Helsinki.

An Oshana Enlightenment Transmission event is a jump into the unknown, far beyond the mind, to experience a life without limitation.

For more details, contact: Enlightenment Transmission Estonia

Further Info

Sisemise Tarkuse Festival
Tallinna Teeninduskoolis
Majaka 2