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Saving Humanity: Is Enlightenment Transmission Essential?

Essential Questions, Necessary Answers.

Date: Sun, 15 Apr 2018, 19:00 EET - 22:00 EET

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Humanity, interconnectivity and Enlightenment Transmission - just a few words that might not sound much but which contain everything.

The human race, together we rise or fall. Is spirituality even necessary when the solution to humanity’s suicidal trajectory seems to be course corrections in the areas of economic, social, political and technological mismanagement?

My view is that the human race requires spiritual help in the form of an intelligent essence that can heal, guide, raise awareness, improve ability and provide wisdom. Fortunately, that intelligent essence is not an empty religious theory but is real, easily accessible, immediately tangible and unimaginably effective. My name for this intelligent essence is “Enlightenment Transmission”.

Just how effective the Enlightenment Transmission will be in saving humanity remains to be seen. I am inviting you to get involved in saving the human race - you might get Enlightened in the process.

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