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Allowing the Enlightenment Transmission to do Its Work

The Single Most Important Thing In Existence

Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2018, 19:00 EET - 22:00 EET

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A rare, unique and informative Call that made sense of fundamental mysteries in our understanding of Enlightenment and Enlightenment Transmission.

The single most exhilarating ecstatic experience possible. Enlightenment Transmission, like the Holy Spirit, is spread from soul to soul in an open, honest and vulnerable way.

The Enlightenment Transmission is not a religion nor a teaching but an energy that flows everywhere to harmonise existence.

Naturally, human life is our main focus and interest, because we find ourselves intimately connected to the human species, even if we are not entirely of it.

There is no higher pleasure than to feel Enlightenment Transmission flowing through you. It is appropriate and necessary that Enlightenment Transmission is the most exhilarating experience possible, because otherwise you would never share It.

Since becoming Enlightened, I have been sharing the Enlightenment Transmission non-stop for 18 years. Personal matters such as comfort, eating, finances, health and relationships have all been eclipsed by the power and magnitude of the Enlightenment Transmission.

This is how it should and must be if the Enlightenment Transmission is to spread quickly through the human race, to save our species before it is too late. We are motivated by pleasure, ecstasy and fun more than we are by duty and morality.

The Enlightenment Transmission can be likened to the Holy Spirit, revealed to the first Christians during Pentecost as an outpouring of special gifts, powers and abilities. Those who have tasted the Enlightenment Transmission know what this means.

Enlightenment Transmission is not spread by teachings, texts or advertising but from person to person, from soul to soul. To facilitate this flow, we must be free of personal agenda and be open, honest and vulnerable.

To serve the Enlightenment Transmission, means to allow the Enlightenment Transmission to do Its work.

Enlightenment Transmission is everywhere but people tend not to notice It unless someone points It out. Be willing and open, allow Enlightenment Transmission to flow through you. To be most effective: change the way that you relate; become true to your nature. Do not seek to impose your will on Enlightenment Transmission, it will not work. The Enlightenment Transmission washes over you and guides you in every moment.

Most regular participants in this miracle have noticed the precise, efficacious effects of the Enlightenment Transmission. They have observed in wondrous amazement the presence of the Enlightenment Transmission in their peer-led affinity groups. They feel Enlightenment Transmission being spontaneously shared through them with complete strangers.

What is going on? The Enlightenment Transmission is ready. The participants are ready. It has begun!

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