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The Structure of Sanity, Parallel Realities and Simultaneous Bodies

Reality is always better than what you think.

Date: Sun, 13 May 2018, 19:00 EET - 22:00 EET

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The ‘reality’ that most people consider to be reality is not real but a multi-sensory real-time construct created by their mind’s matching of perceptions with learned concepts. The construct is comprised of translucent layers which provide an illusion of depth and infinity. You can seek infinitely deeply and yet find nothing. You can relate to an image of yourself and learn nothing about you. That’s how most people live, in a coma called ‘living’.

But occasionally someone wakes up. They drop through the layers of the mind and find themselves in their body. However, the body has been filled with cinemas, replaying captivating events from their virtual lives. To watch, means capture. And yet, the body is the first layer of truth.

We have many bodies. We walk in many realities, simultaneously. These are our parts. Waking up means waking up in all realities, in all of our bodies and with integration. Head in the clouds, feet on the ground and hearts in synchronised communion.

This a journey that you will eventually need to make. It is required for waking up. No one will provide you with a public map. It has not been drawn. But there is a guide: The Enlightenment Transmission. I was lead from the insanity of the ‘certainty’ of virtual reality to the reality beyond the walls of the mind. It could be called ‘out-sanity’.

If you have noticed that reality is not stable, but like a wobbly TV set, or if you simply want to wake up to a new and fresh reality each day then contact me. Better yet, start your journey by booking this live online event.

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