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Getting Enlightened: Inconvenient and Messy but the Right Thing to Do

Whatever it takes to push you over the Enlightenment finish line.

Date: Sun, 27 May 2018, 19:00 EEST - 22:00 EEST


This event can now be booked as a replay via email or contact-form.

A dirty job, but it must be done.

Getting Enlightened is not all saccharine sweetness, light and no-calories.

After your Ego has been ever-so sweetly seduced into a blender, standing naked, pitiful and imploring like Dobby from Harry Potter, as your finger hovers on the kill switch, as you prepare to say goodbye forever,  you hold your breath and hesitate for a timeless moment, long enough for your Ego to jump out, raucously laugh and hit you over the head with a leafy celery stick. Don’t worry, it’s not the first time that your Ego hoodwinked you. You are learning. Next time, with my steady guidance for  your shaking hand, you will be ready to macerate 'The Abomination', that should never have existed, into unreconstitutable parts.

I get the feeling that you haven't got the guts to do it. To date, you have never succeeded. The Ego is especially tenacious, tricky and slippery - by design. It can survive longer than any creature, real or robotic. We are going to have fun - and you, Cinders, shall go to the ball.

We have been making progress. But when you get to the critical threshold time to lose that sucker, things slide backwards and go pear-shaped. You have to change gears. Preparing to blend requires a delicate touch, but blending requires a firm hand.

I have always been very gentle and always will be, with you. However,  little Mr Dobby, shivering butt naked in the blender won’t perceive it that way. No, not at all. Inevitably, you will identify with poor little Dobby and you will seek to prevent what should happen, and you can of course, it’s your unenlightenment show, repeated so many times that there is nothing new and nothing that you knew.

So, what’s my next move? Do I back away from that blender, wish you a happy life with Mr Dobby and wait until you have your next  breakdown on the toilet? That’s not going to work, but only prolong the  the constipatory agony.

What I do next is my special plumbing secret. All Ego Plumbers keep one up our sleeve, only the shape and size varies.

In this online event, I will reveal W.D.W.D. (What Dave Would Do). Book now or forever forlornly circle the rim and, like Moses, never enter within.

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