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Real Truth Seeking, Not the Fake BS Kind

The last battleground for truth is your mind and body.

Date: Sun, 3 Jun 2018, 19:00 EEST - 22:00 EEST
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Best Meeting Ever

I unreservedly recommend the MP3. If you want to view the video of the live event at an agreed time then send a request by  email or contact-form.

Caution: This meeting was full-on mind-inverting experiential journey that tap danced on the illusory border between selfhood and infinity, sanity and insanity, dimensions and concepts.

* * *

The last battleground for truth is your mind and body. Let the Enlightenment Transmission illuminate your way, leaving no illusion unturned. Root out irrelevancy. See through the Wizard of Oz’s curtain, pat the little man on the head  and send him home.

Jump in. All this awaits you and more!

I can do the whole "make nice" spiritual teacher act. I can laugh, love and hug longer, stronger, warmer and more sincerely than any guru that you’ve ever met because I mean it. But all of that is just unnecessary showmanship created by  "spiritual teachers" who  touch, flatter, mock sympathise and provide hanky-panky to masses who would be better served by a hairdresser. These gurus do not know  Enlightenment, they progenate smiley Chucky clones.

Everyone likes to think that they seeking and promoting Truth, but most are sabotaged by their Ego mechanism. Every human being is a PTSD sufferer because human history is a fiction, a cover-up of a cover-up maintained by abuse, discrimination and genocide. And there is a "gurus" to match every kind of delusion and fantasy.

Real truth seeking is buried deep in everyone’s heart. It’s an urge to live, to love and to laugh again. However, the "Emperor Has No Clothes" mandate dictates that the truth must not get in the way of a good story.

A truth seeker will meet with resistance from their nearest, dearest and their mind. The mind contains a self-sabotaging program colloquially known as "the Ego". The Ego will co-opt and disrupt truth seeking efforts. Any seeker who invests  in having the identity of a "truth seeker" will look in all of the wrong places. If one should somehow accidentally discover an essential truth then their Ego will  deny, distract, disrupt, disorientate or even destruct them.

The world is not waking up, society is being prepared for sleep. Very few trendy posers are authentic spiritual seekers, they lack the nerve to journey through the back-alleys of their psyche, avoid the pull of the mainstream, and so, never find the exit door.

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