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Key Revelations of the 2018 Summer Enlightenment Transmission Retreat

Ever-Flowing Love

Date: Sun, 19 Aug 2018, 19:00 - 22:00
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All Is Revealed
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Key revelations received on the recent ‘Establishing Heaven on Earth with Enlightenment Transmission’ retreat included: how to work with wave-like energy, the structure of the physical and energetic body, the dimensions of being “human”, pre- and post-natal development, sabotage mechanisms, the nature and differences of male and female psychology and relationships, staying grounded and centred.

In the first live video meetings since the Enlightenment Transmission Retreat these key revelations will be explored.

For further info read the article ‘Crucial Revelations of the 2018 Summer Enlightenment Transmission Retreat’.

Join us live online on 19th August (or else request a replay by sending a direct email or using the contact-form).

Note: The next Enlightenment Transmission Island Retreat is during Midsummer 2019 in Finland where there will be the famous Midnight Sun and I will celebrate Enlightenment Day on 19th June. If retreat newcomers start preparing  now, then they should be able to get most of the multifaceted benefits, learnings and breakthroughs that will be on offer and ripe for the taking on the ‘Enlightenment Transmission Day Midnight Sun Summer Island Retreat’, 13th-20th June 2019.

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